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January 12th, 2013 - friends only, love
i'll take my heart back

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friends only
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May 14th, 2012 - daily quote
i'll take my heart back

-hafiz, pesian poet circa 1300's

this is where i will store all my favorite quotations/lyrics/book excerpts in the form of comments. no commenting, please & thank you

idea stolen from bleutopia 
i'll take my heart back
Originally posted by nyoka at Raw With Love - Charles Bukowski

    little dark girl with
    kind eyes
    when it comes time to
    use the knife
    I won't flinch and
    I won't blame
    as I drive along the shore alone
    as the palms wave,
    the ugly heavy palms,
    as the living does not arrive
    as the dead do not leave,
    I won't blame you,
    I will remember the kisses
    our lips raw with love
    and how you gave me
    everything you had
    and how I
    offered you what was left of
    and I will remember your small room
    the feel of you
    the light in the window
    your records
    your books
    our morning coffee
    our noons our nights
    our bodies spilled together
    the tiny flowing currents
    immediate and forever
    your leg my leg
    your arm my arm
    your smile and the warmth
    of you
    who made me laugh
    little dark girl with kind eyes
    you have no
    knife. the knife is
    mine and I won't use it

    Charles Bukowski
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